I am a musical artist who has been encouraging people my entire life. I have made enough mistakes to probably enter into the Guinness Book of World Records! After years of learning and understanding my path, I have not only accepted my position as Minstrel, but also as a life coach.

I love helping people. I believe that we need to make mistakes to actually get the lesson. We can share our experiences in hope of helping others, but in the end, everyone has their own lessons.

Enlightenment is a gift. I am blessed to have had an enlightenment experience, that was comprehensive and changing similar to what I would say is a Saul to Paul conversion.

I was awakened, and like a child, taught by my spiritual parent, the Holy Ghost. Jesus and the Father.

I believe in LOVE. I believe there is a better way that we all can live. It is taking the high road of integrity.

Won’t you join me?  Sessions are now available. Music is always good medicine, of which I do provide.

God Loves YOU and so do I.

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