Miss Kristin runs the gamut of love and toil with this high powered collection.

The Runner is honest and essential New Age Folk Rock Music. Beginning with the intense title track “The Runner”, Kristin asks the question, are you running from love? Like a moth to a flame, without fear of getting burned, Kristin expresses herself by facing her own fear head on in a way inescapable.

“The Runner” lights a contagious fire. With her first love being the pen; Miss Kristin creates all of her songs with an undeniable honesty. Kristin delivers a uniqueness the world seems to need now. Songs like “Many Ways to Die” and the bluesy; “Always Been Poor” celebrate the underdog and the winner alike.

Like all of Miss Kristin’s releases, there is something for everyone within each collection. From the heart wrenching and lasting “Torch Song” to the breezy “Falling at your Feet”; Miss Kristin creates timeless substance with a vocal delivery unique to Miss Kristin alone.