About Ribbons And Pearls

Ribbons And Pearls by MISS KRISTIN
© Copyright – Kristin Pedderson / BIG FUSS RECORDS (614346025773)

Miss Kristin’s own brand of exotic and sultry, Adult Contemporary – New Age Folk Rock music.

Genre: Rock: Folk Rock
Release Date: 2006

Album Notes:

Ribbons and Pearls, is more spiritual in nature, dealing with the endeavor to find liberation through God.

As always, Miss Kristin’s songs include a refreshing mix of styles and moods. The opening number, “To Come” is an apt selection to begin the album, introducing the singer as feeling confined by her current station in life, yet conscious of a higher power that will guide her on: “The road is narrow and I’m feeling compressed, All I can see puts me to the test. The prize is mine because I have it in mind…It’s my walk I’m going higher this time…It’s my talk now I’m further refined.” This energetic rocker with a blistering guitar track fittingly supports the lyrics in conveying the distress of battling against the limitations imposed by a life devoid of God.

From here, Ribbons takes various twists and turns illustrating the singer’s battles to rise above personal desires and criticisms of her faith to realize a greater reality. This is perhaps most clearly stated in “Renegades”, an infectious tune with a lovely vocal mix: “It’s not about me or my broken heart! Re-organized by a higher power!
I’m a renegade fighting for the truth.”

Musically, the album features an excellent mix of arrangements and musical styles. From the sweet, lilting melody and tasteful 12-string acoustic guitar in “Love Covers”, to the country-flavored piano and fiddle accompanied “One House Divided”, Miss Kristin’s song-writing never gets bogged down in repetition. And while musically varied, the message that runs throughout remains focused on the goal of personal salvation.

Ribbons and Pearls is a musical collage of the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life that ultimately becomes a message of hope and inspiration. The final track uses Psalm 124 as its lyrics, indicating that she has prevailed and found her salvation through God: “If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, they would have swallowed us alive.” Though the album carries a Christian message of personal salvation, its message is allegorical and applies to all who feel something is missing in our increasingly materialistic-centered world.