Dreamer Lyrics Miss Kristin
The Dreamer Digital Album
April 18, 2018
Winning Album Cover Miss Kristin Music
Winning Digital Album
April 18, 2018

A Woman In Love Digital Album


Kristin takes listeners on a path of relationship enlightenment with new organic electronic flavors that delve into the excitement of love with all of the emotions that exist within physical and spiritual realms.


A Woman in Love by Miss Kristin
© Copyright – Miss Kristin / Big Fuss Records, Inc. (888174015163)
Genre: Pop: Today’s Top 40

1. Love Letter
2. Happy Home
3. Dont Ask Dont Tell
4. Love Buzz
5. Blue With You
6. Two People
7. Love Me Love Me
8. You Know Where To Find Me
9. Sugar Baby
10. Be There For You
11. What You Do
12. Bound By Love