Miss Kristin Love Makes All The Rules
Love Make All The Rules Digital Album
April 18, 2018
A Woman In Love Miss Kristin
A Woman In Love Digital Album
April 18, 2018

The Dreamer Digital Album


Melodic “New Age Folk Rock” Romantic Pop from Miss Kristin, reflecting a modern approach to love.


The Dreamer by Miss Kristin
© Copyright – Kristin Pedderson / Big Fuss Records Inc. (888174422763)
Genre: Rock: Adult Contemporary

1. Dreamer Intro

2. The Dreamer

3. Circles Around The Sun

4. Under A Rock

5. Hand Of Love

6. Wishing On A Star

7. Remember Me

8. SkyMaster

9. Heart Song

10. The Best Is Yet To Come

11. Fantastico

12. Gonna Get Better

13. The Island

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