One World Rendezous

"One World Rendezvous" (Vol I) is a two part volume set. Volume II is in the works and projected for later this year.

Kristin's prominent songwriting delivers hope, truth, strength and heart to what Kristin sees as a positive and advantaged world.

The 10 songs on "One World Rendezvous" are noticeably a rock style production, mixed and mastered by Kristin herself. Kristin also performs many of the instruments on "One World Rendezvous", while Tom "The Hawk" Landry enters the stage to assist with guitar and bass parts for a handful of transitive tracks. This is the 20th original full album project for Kristin Pedderson, who is also the owner of Big Fuss Records. Kristin's latest music release delivers individuality that may seem like an omen, due to the effort arriving in 2020.