Lovestruck Released!


Miss Kristin’s latest album went live in stores April 2017.

LOVESTRUCK” features a big selection of timeless newcomers that are sure to breath life into your musical world.  Like a kiss on the wind, Miss Kristin comes in and proves, this music and her gift, is a force to be reckoned with. Stream Lovestruck


New Book PublishedBright-Ways-Ebook-Cover

Miss Kristin Pedderson introduced her first eBook to the public September 16, 2016!

*Bright Ways To Become Peaceful*

is a fun and easy read that includes helpful information to starlight your way to Living Fearless and remaining peaceful. This ebook is a personal touch from Kristin with tips and hints and ideas Kristin personally implements herself on a daily basis!

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Music 2016

flipMiss Kristin Pedderson is the Executive Producer of the new Allison Cherise project; “Time For Your Dreams”.  The release was distributed worldwide January 15, 2016. The Listening Party is going on now. Read about it here and learn more by visiting Big Fuss Records.

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“Ten Years” is in stores now! 
Miss Kristin 10 Years

Plenty has changed for musicians over the course of ten years.

My recent release, “Ten Years” is a really cool compilation that brings together 20 favorite Miss Kristin songs for a mere $9.99. Fans can purchase and download the digital copy here, and own a wide selection of popular song choices in one easy purchase.

“Like a horse running a race, wearing blinders, I have kept my eyes on the prize in producing my large catalog, and getting the music out to the people.  Knee deep in new productions for new artists, as well as myself, I continue to write and look forward to sharing my music with fans around the world. “

Recently, I have been creating my own simple lyric videos to share across video platforms such as YouTube.Com and others. I have also been adding new pages to this site where visitors can peruse the assortment of videos and songs. Whether a music video, a live video, perhaps an historic live video or a lyric video, take a look around at the video link at the top of the page to access many of my personal favorites.

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Miss Kristin Music

Miss Kristin Music Artist

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Recently Miss Kristin was featured in an article on the Musician’s Friend blog. The blog is all about video creation, and the importance of video in today’s market for musicians.  Kristin is thrilled to have been invited to participate. Read the entire article here.


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Miss Kristin visits Nashville TN February 2015

Nashville‬ is a fun ‎playground‬ for ‎songwriters‬. A few of the venues that host writers nights, have a cool format where they bring three or four writers up on stage and go down the line, some a few times for writers to introduce new songs to the public. My favorite of the three I attended was at The Commodore. I enjoyed the experience and in fact suggested something like this to a club owner locally who invited me to host a songwriter night like this. A lot of fun meeting others and performing along side to share the stage. Love is connecting and spreading joy. It is not selfish. Grant is stage left and David K is right.


Miss Kristin Brings More Love With “LOVE MAKES ALL THE RULES”


The set of ten classic new original funk and soul inspired songs, redefine what it means to truly experience love energy. 

“Love Makes All the Rules” is the recent title from Miss Kristin.  This set is a selection of ten original funk and soul inspired songs created and produced by Miss Kristin, who’s style generally gravitates toward the new age folk rock genre.

Miss Kristin delivers a combined flavor that is tasteful, easy to relate to, eye opening and relevant on “Love Makes All the Rules”. For Miss Kristin, there has never been a better time.  “Love Makes All the Rules” musically and lyrically embraces the feeling and energy behind great love.  When in love, everything is different.  The day at hand, one’s own strength, and the way people view the world changes.  They see things differently, everything has a heightened awareness.  One could be watching two squirrels playing and when the energy of love arrives, there is an overt joy in seeing these. There is a grace. With love in the mix, the grumpy becomes groovy. People change.  The roses smell more fragrant and the senses are more acute. A person may feel times stands still and they are completely in the now. Violence disappears because the person experiencing the energy recognizes it won’t’ get him or her there.

Kristin’s art is for joy of sharing

Takamine with Miss Kristin

Miss Kristin’s gift for writing songs may be to instigate more love in the world. People strive for and experience love in one way or another every day. Kristin has much to say on the subject  with a wisdom and a grace that clearly relates. Miss Kristin’s passion for writing about love may describe most her own personal energy which is both endearing and undeniable.

Dreamer 960-340
Miss Kristin states;
“The Dreamer set of songs, is one of the favorite collections of all time. I was inspired when writing, by a mega movement of spirit.  The work centers around believing what you wish to be, and seeing it become a reality.”


miss-kristin-pedderson Explore 25 questions asked of Miss Kristin for this cool blog 

Miss Kristin and THE ISLAND is in rotation at WOSRadio ! Listen now.


Miss Kristin and Big Fuss Records Inc. were featured in print edition of Making Music Magazine for the November 2013 issue. Read the column by clicking on the picture.


Miss Kristin

Miss Kristin