Miss Kristin delivers powerful songwriting and vocal performance in “Winning” which is centered on self confidence, rising higher in doing the right thing, and staying true to oneself.

There is always something new in Miss Kristin’s music world.
Kristin enjoys the art of self expression completely, as she exposes her musical creations.  Imploding, with force, as a result of external pressure, Kristin’s songwriting invites the listener to go in; to the heart of the matter, entering the soul thoughtfully, where the questions and answers exist.

Miss Kristin loves recording music. Having the freedom to create and bring to life, her large catalog, is a true blessing. There are those who decide a goal, and work steadfastly toward it, come what may, and this is the style of Miss Kristin.  Kristin’s goal is to leave behind the best of her love, time and passion.

We invite you to join the Miss Kristin journey through life in song. Join with the woman who comes simply and delightfully into your ears with easy truths and love.

Miss Kristin is a sort of Music Guru, not unlike the great guru’s of our time, who share the messages of redemption and grace, with humor and matter of fact panache.

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Read the CREDITS for Winning and view the creation origin.

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