Kristin experienced a personal spiritual awakening, that caused her to open her heart, in a desire for change.

Growing up was difficult for Kristin, who came from a broken family that suffered various traumatic, life altering, experiences.  Kristin came to the end of herself one day,  where she wondered why so many heartbreaking, tumultuous times, and particular sufferings? In recognition of her own running, she stopped to pray, and ask God to make her whole.

The songwriting featured in “Whole In My Soul” expresses Kristin’s need at the time, for strength and a re-programming of her thought life. “Whole In My Soul” is Kristin’s prayer for wholeness. As Kristin faces the hurts, beauty shines through. Kristin embraces the fun and love of people, with all of humans faults, weaknesses and difficult life experiences.

Envisioning her own imagination preceding reality; Kristin envelops musical life of the sixties and seventies through songwriting intended to expose natural fears, and set at wholeness, the writer herself.

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