Mac Attack features songs written by Bob Welch, Christine McVie, Danny Kirwin, and Dave Walker.

A Miss Kristin Mac Attack is ten early Fleetwood Mac songs re-created in a pop/reggae production that brings new life of love, to classic Fleetwood Mac music. Miss Kristin puts a new spin on the old favorites, from where they began, for this great band in the early seventies.

"A Miss Kristin Mac Attack is great; very imaginative, interesting and new!"  Bob Welch - Fleetwood Mac

Young and old enjoy the pop reggae style beats and the mesmerizing vocals and chants of Emmanuel Selassie as guest collaborator on the universal project. With old favorites like Emerald Eyes and Did You Ever Love Me; Miss Kristin croons delightfully through A Miss Kristin Mac Attack with her own reggae style approach, with demonstrative and emotive vocals.

A Miss Kristin Mac Attack is a classic collection and a somewhat hidden gem of Miss Kristin's unique catalog.