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“Hold Your Hand”


“Groovy Shoe”

“Whispering Angels”

“Only You”

“Moment To Moment”

“Immigration Song”

“One World Rendezvous”

“Listen To Love”, from “Masterpiece”

“Good Luck Be Good”, from “LoveStruck”

“Along The Way”, from “LoveStruck”

“Souvenirs”, from the “LoveStruck” collection. In Stores April 2017

“Circles Around The Sun”, from “The Dreamer” collection. Released August 2014

Kristin loves playing around with the camera, and has recorded and produced much of the footage for these videos.
The videos reveal the heart of the songs that soulfully speak.

Wayward Son is direct from Miss Kristin. The song is featured as the bonus track on the MASTERPIECE collection.


Time Won’t Wait is the second single from “MASTERPIECE”. This original Miss Kristin video was released April 2018.

Love Letter is the first single from “A WOMAN IN LOVE”. The original Miss Kristin video was released August 2013.

“The Island” was released September 2013. The single is featured on “The Dreamer” album.

“All I Need” is interesting to watch and a bit different in style from previous Miss Kristin videos.
Released September 2013.

MASTERPIECE is the idea, that every living being and thing, is a MASTERPIECE of creation.

INDIAN SUMMER is a tribal adventure that inspires the core of being. According to Kristin; We are explorers on the earth and with the seasons, we change.  The INDIAN SUMMER brings change and new hope for the future.  Kristin filmed the footage herself in Sedona Arizona and in her own backyard.  Light a smudge stick and rejoice in the INDIAN SUMMER.

DOWN THE HIGHWAY is a fun single Miss Kristin created this last summer from writer Condor.  The catchy song is half the fun; the cheezy video is the other half.

MIRACLES happen every day.  There are little miracles that appear as coincidences and then there are large and surprising events that bring about dramatic results. Have you experienced MIRACLE recently?

Love is all around, and how we relate to other individuals is important.
When we choose to walk in LOVE toward our neighbors, friends and enemies, we become weaved into a colorful robe of higher loving, and consciousness. It feels good, and well…

There is a great feeling of security that comes with knowing a SURE LOVE. Someone to count on. Even when you are on your own without someone special, there is one SURE LOVE that will always go with you.You can count on your SURE LOVE always.

MONEY makes the world go around, and it also is sometimes called
THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.  Well everyone needs roots, and we all need more of the green tender, for sure.   Enjoy Miss Kristin’s pun on money, created to bring a smile.

Miss Kristin has created many more video’s and we hope you look further for the fun and entertaining clips on YOUTUBE.

The final video we will show here is FREE.  The title track to Miss Kristin’s album FREE.  Kristin’s hope and idea in creating this video was to inspire the viewer to break free of chains and holds and to walk in personal freedom. Never a care of what anyone else thinks, but to thine own self be true.

Recently Miss Kristin was featured in an article on the Musician’s Friend blog. The blog is all about video creation, and the importance of video in today’s market for musicians.  Kristin is thrilled to have been invited to participate. Read the entire article here.