Miss Kristin is always creating new music releases.  “Love Makes All The Rules” is presently being distributed.  The songwriting is varied and intoxicating.  Miss Kristin music crosses over multiple genres like, Rock, Pop. Soft Country,  New Age, Christian, Acoustic Folk, and Soft Rock, Miss Kristin does not disappoint when seeking variety.

Kristin considers her work New Music For A New Age”, and regards her genre as New Age Folk Rock Music.

Kristin is producing her large catalog of contemporary music with her dream to continue great songwriting while supplying top artists, television and film with timeless selections. In the interim, Kristin is pleased to present her personal productions for all to enjoy and share.

Please bookmark this page, and visit the individual album pages  to listen free to the music over and over again. 

Big Fuss Records Music Release Inspires Imagination For Fans Of Miss Kristin Music 

“The Dreamer” was released April of  2014.  Miss Kristin’s newest masterpiece contains stunning original productions that are inclined to incite the imagination of Kristin’s beloved fans.

Legendary musical songstress Miss Kristin states, “This is one of my favorite collections of all time. I was inspired by a mega movement of spirit. The work centers on believing in what you wish to be, and seeing it become a reality.” Kristin goes on to say; “Each song is very distinctive and unlike anything I have done before.”

“The Dreamer” imparts Miss Kristin’s visionary mind in songs such as “Circles Around The Sun” and the title track “The Dreamer”. Kristin presents a theatrical stage where the songs embrace a time period akin to the Renaissance Era. Each track is a story and an idea, set to music, intended to open the listeners mind and to express fun, with joy and also an added flair for dreaming of romance.

Miss Kristin’s shine has grown.  She has become better known to those who are catching her new wave of original music.  In November 2013, Kristin was featured on page six of the print edition of Making Music Magazine. Kristin brings a profound sense of musical joy within her elegant style.  Miss Kristin is a gifted and prolific writer and song producing talent with a strong list of musical offerings and collections. Some recent releases include:


Miss Kristin’s song lyrics define not only her thoughtful inner core; they also reach a depth which continues to embrace each one of her adoring fans. At the popular website The Celebrity Cafe,  Miss Kristin was described as an “Individual Musical Prodigy”.  Not only does she have a unique sultry voice, but she plays most of the instruments for each of her tracks on all of her productions, showcasing a huge talent.

“The Dreamer” is a musical journey filled with inspiration, adoration and a love of magnificent new life.  One of Miss Kristin’s previous quotes, from her release “The Voyager“, from the album, “Whole in My Soul” best describes her inspiration to write and produce “The Dreamer”. “The Dreamer” is a voyager who does not believe in scarcity on any level”. 

The music can be purchased at the Big Fuss Music Store as well as other popular online outlets.


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