Mountains Of Restoration
Life can be hard. And every person has significant life experiences with personal inner challenges. Some may have been bullied, abused, or even abandoned. And situations happen from the onset in our lives that can cause us to live in a compromised state. Each of us can use restoration to some degree. And we need to work through these issues. Now restoration takes time. And when the Lord comes into your life, gradually, you will notice matters brought to the surface, one by one. The goal is wholeness where negative experiences are addressed, in order for the personality to be restored.For many, there are mountains of restoration needed. And when people have compounded traumatic experiences, they often become guarded from future hurts. So they establish fear-based protections. This is why healing can be a quandary that only God can decode.In Christ, we are offered forgiveness and freedom. And it may not be simple. We need to trust God to help us over time and into new freedoms. When we walk in Truth, we discover and are often surprised when past issues and behaviors come up and rear their ugly head! These matters seem to reveal themselves and appear out of nowhere. So we need to face hurts head on, to recognize the root cause and offense. There are two sides to every story. Additionally, it is likely that we have established a protection to not get hurt again.Painful matters can be difficult to discern and face on our own. We need to pray and not be afraid to feel. Letting things go in order to navigate forward in a better way, is essential to a happy life. And when the fog rolls in and we experience an emotional quandary, we need to trust the Lord to make things right. The mountains of stuff and fear-based protections we put in place, can be uncomfortable at times. Especially as we grow and change.The Father wants us to be healed. To live whole and free from fear. And Satan desires to hold us captive. Scripture says, “We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.” So, a good thing to do when trouble is before us, is to lay the issue at the foot of the cross and know that it has been covered by the blood of Christ. Then we need to proclaim our testimony of freedom. We can praise the One who has set us free!