“March On” is the immediate and timely patriotic collection of music from Miss Kristin

Unstoppable and optimistic, March On is eleven intelligent adult album oriented pop/rock and folk alternative tracks. The selection entertains while encouraging a positive vibe in light of negative appearing issues, facing the day at hand.

From beginning to end, with each song, “March On” , coo’s the listener to come hither and drop their guard. There is no longer a need to proceed with caution but now only to stand or fall in fearless truth.

Kristin weaves a pleasing musical tapestry, with her soulful heart and new unique sound. With new music in the works and Kristin’s uniquely defining voice, her exceptional song writing, is steadily surfacing in various adult markets around the world. Miss Kristin music crosses  genres and has an appeal all of its own to a wide range of listeners.