Miss Kristin Love Eternal
I Live for Love Eternal
April 17, 2017
Poor Girl In A Rich House
May 13, 2017
Many Faucets

Sad songs say so much.

There are many faucets to the human heart. 

Humans fear loneliness.

We were created to be together.

People also fear poverty.

But if you’ve been there and feel your pain,

You can come out the other side.

You are…NEVER ALONE – and RICH always. Especially in love.

When you are a giver and think more of what you can do for someone else;

The Universe – (GOD) will take care of you. “Those who help the poor, will never go hungry.”

You can find joy everywhere.

Freedom from loneliness and poverty.

Loneliness And Poverty

By Miss Kristin