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"One World Rendezvous Volume II" carries an upbeat array of original tracks produced and performed primarily by Kristin herself. Utilizing a few additional players and parts here and there, Kristin handles acoustic guitars, keyboards, percussion, and some bass parts. Tom Landry shows up again for acoustic guitar on "Dream Sleep" and Bass guitar for "Promises II" and "Two Way Street".

Kristin artistically tests the waters in "One World Rendezvous Vol II" for the original song "Promises", where Kristin took the same song and produced it entirely different, introducing two versions. Creating what sounds like two completely unique songs, using the same lyrics. Just different melodies and genre stylings. Look for "Promises I" and "Promises II" which conveys the message that words matter. Lining up what one says, to what one does, is paramount to great character and success in life.