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Miss Kristin is well known for her musical compositions and her stand out vocal style. The artist has produced a vast array of recordings over 20 years. Now she brings daily inspirations with her new book, “365 Daily Inspirations for Higher Living”. The in-depth readings are spurring a return to deeper faith for many readers where Kristin states, “People around the globe are really hurting. Many are asking where God is, in the mess?” 

The Author is helping people dive deeper into ideas that go beyond religion. “365 Daily Inspirations" emphasizes relationship with God. The book is Christ centered for personal study and teaching, to reveal concepts that strengthen the inner being of an individual.

“365 Daily Inspirations for Higher Living” is an effort that was born out of experience for Author Kristin Pedderson. Thirty years ago, Kristin had a spiritual awakening that changed her entire trajectory. When the shift happened, Kristin witnessed a plethora of miracles, signs, wonders, and dreams.

Kristin adds, “When the Lord touched me in a dream 30 years ago, I recognized I needed healing in my spirit from years of trauma. So, I began writing and I fell in love with the practice of expressing thoughts and feelings through words. I did not know how life would play out, but years later, I recognized a gift of insight was what I received.” 

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Kristin Pedderson, Clarity Over Conflict

“Clarity Over Conflict” is Author Kristin Pedderson's inspirational expression of regaining clarity and focus through difficult situations. 

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11, sure fire, ways, live large, small world, Kristin Pedderson

When we strive to reach our dreams, there are sacrifices to be made and often times the dream itself gets tarnished by these sacrifices. In 11 Sure Fire Ways To Live Large (In A World That Makes You Feel Small), Kristin Pedderson takes the reader on a journey through her personal tips and tricks for living a large life, while building important character and reaching toward dreams. 

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Go with Kristin on a healing journey to freedom as an overcomer, and as a single woman in a world of culture and conditioning. 

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Living Fearless
Bright Ways To Become Peaceful 
When we are born, we have a new start. We enter the world, whole and untainted. We cross into the threshold of life, natural and ready to learn. Our senses, judgments, and thinking are pure and guiltless. We are open to whatever comes our way. Sooner or later we lose our childlike nature and find that we are adults with realistic expectations and plenty of responsibility. Then as we grow, impressions are made and lessons continue to be learned. Who has time to consider the deeper issues, not to mention change? However, some of us find ourselves in unbearable situations where we are forced to change.

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101 Things To Do

From Home

The Corona Virus has no doubt shaken the world and has brought us to a point where we can no longer engage in activities that used to make up our daily routines. Our lifestyles have been completely turned upside down, and we have found ourselves stuck at home for an unexpected amount of time.

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Kristin Pedderson, Clarity Over Conflict
Clarity Over Conflict
Going the Distance Beyond Distraction

People experience confusion which leads to conflict, due to stimulus and communication breakdown. In addition, domestic violence is on the rise because of daily life stress.   In "Clarity Over Conflict" Kristin Pedderson explores the idea of facing issues head on, utilizing a level of communication that is necessary and when implemented correctly, can and will inspire more clarity in one’s personal life.   
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