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Warrior Souls
June 20, 2017
Miss Kristin Minstrel Troubadour
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The Life Of A Minstrel
August 21, 2017

I’ve come to learn that ninety percent of life is about choices.

The choice to be happy or unhappy is mine. Circumstances can come and rattle my cage from time to time, but it’s my decision how I choose to cope. I can allow the situation to defeat me, or I can simply count it all joy.


Counting it all joy is not just grinning through a rough circumstance. It’s more. When we count it all joy, we recognize and seek a higher hand in the quandary. We accept that whatever happens in our lives, God is somehow working it out for our good.

Joy makes people healthier.
Feeling joyful allows our bodies immune system to rise.

Modern stress is habitual, and is something that the vast majority of people succumb to in their material driven lives. Whether mildly or overwhelmingly, stress will cast its powers across us at some stage in our lives, often increasingly as we get sucked into a pattern of working and living that gradually strips us of our individuality. Joy is lost in our day to day lives.

Take time to rekindle your joy

Give. Play. Forgive.

Be in the moment and let the moment be in you. JOY



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