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January 23, 2019
Jeremiah 1
Our Great Intelligence
February 17, 2019
Romance, Love, Integrity

Music Is Always Good Medicine

I am a Romantic and a Dreamer.
When I was made aware of my condition,
I came to understand the importance of romance and affection.
I am not talking about sex.

Love isn’t a shallow experience based on looks, social status or sex.
Instead, love is something that comes from the very heart and soul.
Love is intense passion, unconditional devotion, and fierce vulnerability.
The reason a person should love you is for you, and not what you can do for them.

Romance, Love, Integrity

And Romance is a thoughtful action,
a loving touch,
a sweet word,
or a surprise,
that makes another smile.

Romance keeps us alive.
Life becomes dry and dull without it.
You do not need a significant other for romance,
you need a thoughtful friend or attraction,
but it begins with YOU being that person.

I believe in LOVE.

I believe there is a better way that we all can live.

It is taking the high road of Integrity, Romance and of course LOVE.

The Dreamer

By Miss Kristin