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“One of the best things about being a Minstrel, is that I get to go around and play music and meet people. When I do this I get a great feeling of comfort. I love people. I’ve learned through experience, that people are generally good.”  Miss Kristin Pedderson

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Miss Kristin “Ten Years”


Miss Kristin Pedderson Light In Eyes
Miss Kristin in Nashville Tennessee February 2015
 Miss Kristin was recently visiting Nashville Tennessee for a music networking getaway.
The journey was rewarding and Kristin rehearsed new songs for live audiences.

“I had a great time meeting people of all ages and talent/skill levels. One of the major reasons for me to go out and sing, is to share the vision of a better world with others.  A world where it always begins with tolerance, understanding and a kind word.  We hold the power to make our journey great or small, heart warming or heart wrenching.” Miss Kristin 

Kristin has much to say on the subject of LOVE and brings it for “Love Makes All the Rules”.
With a wisdom and  grace MK clearly relates through soaring vocals and inventive melodies.
Miss Kristin’s gifts for scripting songs, may hold purpose to instigate more love in the world.
People strive for and experience love in one way or another every day. On “Love Makes All the Rules”, Kristin’s passion for writing seems to describe most her own personal energy which appears undeniable.

Miss Kristin Pedderson All Smiles

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Miss Kristin – “The Dreamer”

“The Dreamer” has arrived and the journey has been a thrilling ride. The title album track has already been awarded as best folk rock track for the month of March 2014 at the Akademia Music Awards.

The 13 tracks featured on “The Dreamer” are dynamic. “The Dreamer” puts the hand in the glove and represents a life full of imagination and experience. The journey begins and ends with the idea that life is only what one dreams it to be. That people have the power within their hearts and minds to design and create their own outcomes.  

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Pick up your flask, take a break and enjoy!

A Woman In Love is LIVE on iTunes!

Recently, A WOMAN IN LOVE was reviewed at THE CELEBRITY CAFE! Read the four star review now.

With the new album comes a delightful new video!

Check the video page for LOVE LETTER, the first featured single within the new set of music.

“Sometimes we have questions why bad things happen in our world.

Sometimes the only answers come through the tears.”  Miss Kristin

Music is a wonderful expression of the heart and soul.
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