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Do you remember the story of the caboose that was desperately trying to make it over a very large hill?  He kept telling himself repeatedly, “I think I  can,  I  think I  can.”  This is where it begins, in our belief system.  Miss Kristin has progressively gained steam as a music artist, by continually releasing great music. But first she had to believe she could do it.

Miss Kristin states, “When you start feeling overwhelmed or defeated, tell  yourself aloud these same words.  While it may seem a little awkward at  first,  stand in front  of a mirror  and tell  yourself, “I think I can,  I think I can.”  Then you might even change the words to “I know I can!” 

 When striving for the big goal of success, it is critical to stay motivated.

While it may take time to learn how to identify ways to avoid obstacles or failures,  it is essential to create a habit  of tackling problems before they arise. This helps to avoid wasting precious time on the road to success.

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All of us would enjoy living a life where we have the freedom to survive devoid of stressing over problems each day. We all desire to enjoy the freedom to sustain our way of life, be it our status, traditions, beliefs, values, ethnics, cultures, etc. Despite the obstacles in our way, we have this ability by simply saying no- without an outlook of our stress. Setting clear goals is a good start. When you set contingent goals, your pathway in life becomes crystal-clear.

Next, we must visualize balance so that we have the utilities we need to achieve our needs. By recognizing our right to make smart choices, we get a clear perspective and make healthier decisions. You have a choice to live happy or miserable. It is up to you. How you develop your mental, spiritual, and physical state, is all part of this end result.

“Every personal choice matters on the road to individual enlightenment and success.”

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