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Miss Kristin has a way with words and an emotional sultry voice unique to Miss Kristin alone. Spilling her guts and rocking out in unison come with warmth and sincerity for this compassionate singer/writer/producer.

In addition, Kristin’s vocal’s are like sweet south air that soothes the soul through places roamed. Her lyrics profile and embrace a vast account of life experience and hope, waking the bliss and hidden truths, sometimes hurts, that remind us of who we are, and where we are going.

Kristin’s catalog is comprised of over 2000 songs that are the expressions of a poet and a sage on purpose.  “Lovestruck” hit the streets April 2017 and“Love Makes All The Rules” was released January 2015- Then in March 2014, Miss Kristin delivered “The Dreamer” to the delight of fans.

In June 2013 Kristin composed, produced and released “A Woman In Love” where she performed most all of the instrumentation herself.  Prior to that Kristin released “Winning” on her own Big Fuss Records February 2013.

The affluent selection of recordings composed and produced by Miss Kristin, set the foundation for Kristin’s exciting live performances.  Intense, memorizing, and life changing are a few of the qualities Miss Kristin possesses and shares with fans. Similar to artists like Natalie Merchant, Lucinda Williams, The Cowboy Junkies with Margo Timmons, Diana Krall and other female performers (and minstrels) that impart timeless songwriting to gorgeous vocals through emotive music.Miss Kristin singing

Miss Kristin Live in San Jose, CA

Miss Kristin Live in San Jose, CA

Kristin performs solo for smaller venues, and yet is equipped to perform larger venues and shows comprised of her full band. Miss Kristin music appeals to a wide range of listeners and Kristin’s fan base continues to grow exponentially.

Miss Kristin is a advocate for justice and is often interested in performing for causes that reflect her ideals for a better world, filled with more love, generosity and compassion. Throughout her life, Miss Kristin has always gravitated towards individuals from all different walks of life. Her music reflects this and appeals to the mass tapestry of beautiful people throughout our world.

Set List

  1. The Dreamer
  2. Hand Of Love
  3. Masterpiece
  4. Immigration Song
  5. Love Me, Love Me
  6. Winning
  7. A Battle Between
  8. The Agony & Ecstasy
  9. Sometimes You Win
  10. Show Me What Love Is
  11. Maybe Someday
  12. Dangerous Love
  13. All I Ever Want
  14. Wayward Son
  15. Two Ways of Seeing
  16. Somebody Told Me
  17. The Island

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