“So you wanna be a rock ‘n roll star! Head on over to Big Fuss and let Miss Kristin show you the way!”  Gary Donner – San Francisco Bay Area Professional 

Miss Kristin Pedderson is the owner and CEO of Big Fuss Records, Inc.

Kristin has been following her dreams and creating her music success and reality with the development of her large catalog of songs. Add to that, her assistance toward other accomplished musical artists. Kristin is fully embracing the new paradigm of business for music professionals in a world where sharing and giving benefit all.

With a big vision comes big responsibility and Miss Kristin Pedderson is a leader in her field.  She openly shares her strategies and ideas to benefit other artists, and is successfully making a living creating original music and moving audiences.

Miss Kristin with Guitar

Dreams inspire and divulge secrets of the soul.  Miss Kristin’s music career began with a dream, where she connected with spirit in finding her life’s purpose.  Early in her discovery, many bizarre and life altering signs and wonders appeared to Kristin that led her to begin writing to pursue the call on her life as a Minstrel.  This was Miss Kristin’s spiritual awakening.

Miss Kristin holds a strong sense of purpose that drives her accomplishments.  She is committed to helping others heal, and cope through life’s difficulties and challenges.  Kristin considers herself a positive channel, that imparts song to comfort the soul and bring about change.

Miss Kristin’s songwriting dreams are evident in the collections she has created so far.  Each collection has an intended purpose and theme.  When listening to the album “FREE”, the collection is intended for listeners to be encouraged to become more personally free in who they are, as a unique individual.  To bring about truth in deciding our own hearts desires, and to encourage freedom from what culture or society says is what we should be.

“MARCH ON” is intended to encourage listeners to March On and continue in the face of discouragement, always seeking truth and light and not giving up in the face of  adversity.

“MASTERPIECE” is a powerful selection released by Kristin and Big Fuss Records Inc.  This is one of Kristin’s favorite listens because it encourages her in the midst of her everyday daily life; especially when it is easy to sometimes forget how special we really are to ourselves, those around us and our creator.

Dreams inspire us to step out of our comfort zone and to do something great in the world. Our time on the planet is limited.  What we do with that time is for us to explore through our dreams and visions.

Miss Kristin’s heart desire is to see her fans, and followers, achieve, chase, and believe in their dreams. “I have always had a great sense of purpose within my art. I never thought of my job as a singer- but as an encourager. Perhaps this is why my smile is so big.” Miss Kristin MK 99

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