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March 14, 2019
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Miss Kristin Verde Valley

Living Large In Little Ways - Step II

The second sure fire way to live large in little ways is to take notice of your thinking and believe for more!

Sometimes when we strive for something for a very long time and we do not see the growth we expect, it can be difficult to have a mindset of abundance and expect to experience more.

We can even feel discouraged, but living large in little ways requires us to first be at peace with where we are at, while envisioning and saying yes to opportunities that come our way in an abundant life.

Big Time

By Miss Kristin

When I say abundance, I believe it’s important to believe for more but to not be grandiose. Yes dream big but make sure you have a balance that keeps you open to miracles, blessings and more of all the good things in life like more friends, better relations, an increase in business and business opportunities, more free time to do what you love, etc. but not so that you get discouraged when a particular expectation or ideal does not go your way. None of us know the future or the way that life will go.

That is why we need to believe for more, while being open to Gods perfect will.

I have discovered that valuing my time and the day that I am given, helps me to seize the time and go for more. I may not win the lottery, but I can say yes and believe in wonders and actually see them throughout my day.

Great things can happen when we look up, with hope for more, that comes with thinking and believing that good happens and it’s happening for me. So believe for more. Five years from now, you may look back and be astounded at the great things that have come your way. You are on the journey of a lifetime. One of my favorite scriptures in God’s word says; “I have received a command to bless, He has blessed and I cannot reverse it! “Numbers 23:20

Receive the blessings that God has for you in this life!

Align your thinking with these words and remember to take an account of your thoughts every day. Catch yourself so that you do not fall back into negative and limiting beliefs.

Live large while you can! While you are alive here and now!