Amazing Power is the enthusiastic folk/rock alternative music collection where Miss Kristin articulates the hope that is born with love and the acceptance or rejection that follows.

Miss Kristin is creating new music in her own unique way. Nowhere is this idea more explicit than in “The Agony and the Ecstasy”, a graceful song with a beautiful chorus in which Kristin sings, ‘Falling in love is bittersweet, the agony and the ecstasy’. Love is shown as being a double-edged sword, capable of bringing great joy or stinging dejection when left unfulfilled. This theme is carried through on several other tracks including “Tangled Up in Blue”, a catchy upbeat number that belies the anguished retelling of a breakup, suggesting a personal effort to counter affect the blues of rejection. The title song sets a resolute tone with direct, affirmative lyrics backed by a determined beat: ‘power to believe, your will is finally free’. Following this is “Talk About Love”, a song about opening up and wearing your emotions on your sleeve.

“All I Ever Want” is a country-flavored gem, of quiet determination, featuring a fiddle and pedal steel guitar that together produce a very sweet lilting sound that displays the range of Miss Kristin’s songwriting skills.There are always a few rockers up Miss Kristin’s sleeve, here being “Fall Away” and “Immigration Song”, a driving rocker pumped up with Kristin’s furious rhythm guitar playing and a scorching lead.

Miss Kristin composed and arranged all the songs on Amazing Power, as well as supplying the vocals, some rhythm guitar and even keyboards. The amazing power she refers to is that of love, and her message seems to be that love, with its inherent possibilities of rejection and loss, is ultimately an affirmative power that should be pursued regardless of the costs. As such, it is an album of encouragement and eternal hope.

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