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New Album Available Now!


The new album from Miss Kristin is available now!

Miss Kristin's latest sound is unmatched, distinguished and leading.

Kristin states: "We are in a new time evidencing a dramatic shift in world political and spiritual thought, and the balance of power. "One World Rendezvous" is inviting each of us to rally together for effective change where every choice is brought into the captivity of LOVE!"

Visit Big Fuss Records to listen and purchase the new set of songs now.


Along With New Music, Comes A New Inspirational Clothing Line From Miss Kristin!

ModGlory is the new line of inspirational clothing from Miss Kristin. Designs created specifically in conjunction with Kristin's awesome music collections.

It makes me feel great to wear positive messages that express hope in a dark world. Everyday I wear something inspiring and now my fans can wear these too and feel the joy!" Miss Kristin

Visit ModGlory.Com and tell your friends too!

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