Poverty and Desperation

Poverty makes people do desperate things.

It can come in different shapes and sizes. Poverty can mean dire straits where there are little basic needs met or it can mean just making it every month, by the hair on your teeth. There may be food on the table but little left for anything else.

In these times, where the middle class is disappearing, many Americans and other people in nations around the world have found themselves living each day in this new type of poverty.

Yes, there is some food on the table.  Yes, you have a roof over head. You made the car payment or bought your bus pass for the month to get to work, but you have nothing left over. No money to go see a movie, or to take your child to dinner.  You cannot make the community camping trip, or see a dentist, or send your child to special education classes.  Your quality of life is greatly diminished.

This is the new age of common poverty.

We exist in a materialistic society where television shows such as “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “Atlanta Housewives” depict an elaborate and expensive lifestyle. We have a President in office whose wife will pose on the cover of a magazine eating diamonds.

Materialism is alive and well and highly favored in our Country.  Of course, every person deserves to live well and have their needs met, however, this kind of materialism is out of reach for most people and tends to cause discontentment and desperation. It does not inspire Love, but I believe people who flaunt their riches this way, are sinning and will be judged.

Desperation makes people do extreme things. 

Today, I have learned to be content whether abased or abounding. In the past, I have fallen into the materialism trap. I have experienced poverty first hand as a single woman who has always had to fend for herself. Even coming from a family that had lived well; I was separated early on from their support. I’ve followed biblical teaching and tithing. I’ve been desperate and had nothing to give and I’ve had a some and sought out to help someone in need.

There are moments where discontent, will attempt to rear its ugly head. And then I consider all the people who have so much great need around the world and in my community for basic necessities. I turn my focus to this Truth and become desperate to do something good; to help even one person to have a better and more prosperous way. I’ve learned to be a giver.

Having contentment whether abased or abounding is the secret to having great friends.

Every person is at different levels of affluence. I certainly get by with a little help from my friends. Friends and community are highly important to individual happiness. If our community, friends, and public resources close the door to helping people in times of need, when there is little or nothing left for people, many will become more desperate. They will resort to crime and break the law, or they will do something else desperate.

The bible talks about faith born out of desperation.  To have an increase of energy and intention to fight for a better future is one thing and a good thing. This is a good desperation. This is faith born out of desperation.

But to say, “I’ll just do this one deal, turn one trick, or say I’ll just take this single item from the store; because I am desperate and in need, or even entitled; never works. And it is rarely ever for one time.

Poverty makes people desperate.

Individuals often fall into temptation hence when they feel unloved and have unmet needs. They will do what they feel they need to do when they need to feed themselves, or when they need a leg up. They may plan to do this one thing for a minute, to take one turn to get something accomplished; but it never works that way. It almost always becomes a regular thing and an easy out, a crutch for a period of time.

There is only one remedy: To walk in Love and to become a giver- To resist temptation along the way and find someone to help. How we treat people is the most important thing, and the one thing, that can change our world.

People need help at times in their life.

We can do so much more. And we do not need to create more dependents; we can provide help through motivation that provides those in need with more dignity.

Consult the creator with a loving heart and ask what can I do today? to help end poverty and desperation around me.

The Amazing Power Of Love

By Miss Kristin

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