About Miss Kristin Pedderson

Miss Kristin Pedderson has been performing for years. She has always been one to keep a cool low profile. At times drenched by the driving rains of adversity; with each blinding flash, Kristin comes out like a wind that blows safely weathering the storm. Kristin’s best writing is birthed through adversity; and the winds of love have covered the writer/artist/performer like a balmy breeze that brings showers of blessing.

Miss Kristin’s vocal’s are like sweet south air that soothes the soul through places roamed. Her lyrics profile and embrace a vast account of life experience and hope, waking the bliss and hidden truths, sometimes hurts, that remind us of who we are- and where we are going.

Kristin’s catalog is comprised of nearly 2000 songs that are the expressions of a poet and a sage on purpose. “Love Makes All The Rules” was released January 2015- In March 2014, Miss Kristin delivered “The Dreamer” to the delight of fans. In June 2013 Kristin composed and released “A Woman In Love” where she performed nearly all of the instrumentation herself. Before that “Winning” was released February 2013.   “Winning” is an exciting and energetic installment to an already affluent selection of released recordings.

A songwriter first, Miss Kristin  recently released “The Dreamer”.  The inspiring songs are irreplaceable. “The Dreamer” collection is intended to instigate a freedom for listeners. To encourage the pursuit of dreams, and for people to discover and be, who they are intended to be.

Throughout her life, Miss Kristin has always gravitated towards individuals from different walks of life; from the affluent to the emotionally downtrodden, as well as others who have been unable to classify themselves into a particular niche.  Miss Kristin’s music appeals to a wide range of listeners and Kristin’s fan base continues to grow exponentially.

Miss Kristin Pedderson is the CEO of Big Fuss Records Inc. and the founder and President of Hot-Trax.Com the radio division of Big Fuss Records. 

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