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 Miss Kristin – The Dreamer

The Dreamer has arrived and the journey has been a thrilling ride. The title album track has already been awarded as best folk rock track for the month of March 2014 at the Akademia Music Awards.

The 13 tracks featured on The Dreamer are a dynamic collection of unique originality. The Dreamer puts the hand in the glove and represents a life full of imagination and experience. The journey begins and ends with the idea that life is only what one dreams it to be. That people have the power within their hearts and minds to design and create their own outcomes.  The Dreamer incorporates theatrics with imagination listen in now at the Releases page. Purchase The Dreamer and a wealth of other great music at the Big Fuss Music Store

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A Woman In Love is LIVE on iTunes!

Recently, A WOMAN IN LOVE was reviewed at THE CELEBRITY CAFE! Read the four star review now.

With the new album comes a delightful new video!

Check the video page for LOVE LETTER, the first featured single within the new set of music.

“Sometimes we have questions why bad things happen in our world.

Sometimes the only answers come through the tears.”  Miss Kristin

Music is a wonderful expression of the heart and soul.
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What makes a great song? It’s a very individual inquiry because there are many different kinds of people and cultures in the world.  There are as many different styles of music.  It isn’t necessary to have a degree in Music Theory to write a moving and satisfying song. Their only need be some inspiration and a strong feeling or emotion you hope to share.

Outstanding songs have several key components that make them greater and more memorable. The lyrics prevail when filled with truth, sometimes hard painful truths and sometimes joyful uplifting truths. To accomplish truth in lyrics it’s important for the artist to zero in on a  feeling of joy, despair, love, sadness or even lust.

It is equally important to keep the central idea of the song simple. Great songs convey very straightforward ideas or emotions in a fresh way.  Listen to more of Miss Kristin and her songwriting creations on the pages that follow.

“Miss Kristin is a songwriter who shares a unique songwriting style with singing all her own.”

 Burton Barnett – The Drum Doctor

I have been hard at work, producing my large catalog of music and have an assortment of new selections and collections for fans and followers.

I am honored to bring my team of great supporting musicians and powerful rockers to the forefront of the music industry today. I, Miss Kristin, understand my calling and have determined to leave my mark in the music world as one of the most moving and soulful songwriters and artists of our time.

This is home of “NEW MUSIC FOR A NEW AGE”. I invite you to step into my music world and have a look around, but most of all, listen carefully to the work at hand. Something special lives here.  Something to share.

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