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The compilation, “Ten Years” (Miss Kristin) arrived in stores June 19, 2015. “Ten Years” marks the effort of a single minded approach, to music creation. Kristin’s single minded vision displayed through self releasing and producing a catalog of original indie music.  The coming of age collection, from the sage known as Miss Kristin, demonstrates acute creative energy with true songwriting love. Miss Kristin has found her sound and matured over the course of ten years.

What lies ahead for Miss Kristin is completely new and with 10 years, and 15 original album collections composed and produced; Miss Kristin has selected favored songs to compile this latest offering. Each song selected for the Ten Years compilation, is either a fan preferred song or one of Kristin’s personal favorites.

Kristin states,”There is nothing that has moved me more than the enthusiasm to lift people’s spirits and guide them toward enlightenment.”  Kristin goes on to say; “There has always been a purpose in my work.  A reason I had to produce, other than fame and money. Today, I am glad to be where I am.  I could walk away now, and feel quite accomplished, yet I have so much more to give.”

“Ten Years” offers Miss Kristin fans old and new, a poignant capsule of music dedication that exhibits independent promise and fidelity. Kristin’s loyalty and grassroots honesty in crafting her songs may provide an example for other independent music artists who strive for a successful career.

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Ten YearsJune 23, 2015
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